How To Improve Writing Skills

I was wondering what should i do in order to be good at writing. When i discussed this situation with a very close friend of mine he told me that you should start reading books. The best way to get fluent in writing blogs or any other kind of stuff you should read as much as you can. So i asked him what kind of book should i start reading as i have never read books before. Best tip in this regard which he gave me was start with a book of your interest and which must not exceed 200 to 300 pages, once you developed the habit of reading books you are free to all kind of content. Second Tip for getting better at writing skills is to write and write as much as one can because there is a saying

Confession Of An Economic Hit Man

So i just started a book titled The New Confession Of An Economic Hit Man. This book is written by John Perkins and was New York Times bestseller. Book has shocking stories which represents how America really took over the world and how EHM’s destroy economies of different countries

Right Now i’m on 19th Chapter i-e Confessions Of A Tortured Man

Difficulties,Challenges and Experience

When i started reading this book and started writing stuff it was a bit difficult for me in the start because i have never been into such kind of activities and i usually prefer getting knowledge through videos and from a person verbally. You can say i wasn’t a person who believed in reading the whole story but i’m fond of crux of the story.



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