Mega Project Blog 1

Ahmad Suffyian
4 min readSep 23, 2020

What do we plan to achieve

Pakistan is an underdeveloped country. The study field is decided by the parents on the birth of children. The girl will opt for MBBS and the boys will go for engineering off-course. It creates dilemmas and depression in the students when they fail to capture their set targets. They have merely little or no knowledge about other options they can go for. The main vision of our project Virtual Educational Institution is to assist the students in their academic careers. We want to provide them a wholesome guide of different fields they can choose according to their taste and can excel in respective fields.

Why we choose this topic as our megaproject

This problem was faced by us right after our intermediate and entry test exam. There was very little or no knowledge about a variety of fields we can select from. That phase was so depressing and heart aching.

A person worried about the path he has to choose

So, from our experience and learning, we feel that we should help the students out there. We can fill them up with light and information they need to start their journey.

Plan for achieving our goals (Timeline)

Our project has two phases. On an immediate and short term basis (during fellowship) we are going to make a YouTube channel, Facebook page and will upload the introductory data on YouTube while using Facebook for the promotion of our channel.

Short term plan:

In the beginning, we have planned to introduce eight different Bachelor’s degrees as we 8 members are from different educational backgrounds. By this technique, we will cover 8 subject lines in a go. Each member will record an Intro Video of his/her respective degree. Things that we are going to add in our video are as follows (not limited to that):

  1. What is the XYZ degree?
  2. Which Universities are offering the XYZ program?
  3. What is the Eligibility Criteria for the XYZ degree?
  4. Information about the Fee structure.
  5. Core courses offered in the XYZ program?
  6. What are the career opportunities or scope of a particular degree in the market?
  7. General guidelines/suggestions.

Long term plan:

In the long run, we are going to help the undergraduate students to have a piece of better knowledge and grip in their specific subjects especially about the subjects that are very much in use in practical life, and also their application is different from the theoretical study they do. We will make short courses with in-depth practical examples and applications to clear their concepts. It will complete our long term goal to minimize the learning bridge.

Division of work within the group

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success so believing in that we have the following division of tasks;

  1. The introductory video will be made by each one of us according to our graduation degree.
  2. In the progression of this, we have divided the team further into 4 teams of 2 members.
  3. One team will be doing the stuff related to Facebook page creation and posting.
  4. 2nd team will be responding timely to the comments, the recommendation, and keeping the check on the inbox of Facebook and YouTube.
  5. 3rd team will be responsible for the marketing campaign on all social media platforms to bring traffic to YouTube.
  6. 4th team will be doing all the editing and video uploading stuff on YouTube.

Tasks that have been completed so far in the last two weeks

Brief updates of last two weeks activities;

  1. Firstly, we brain write the ideas for the name of our YouTube channel. We have sorted 2–3 names, will finalize the actual name in a while.
  2. Secondly, we have prepared a list of 8 fields we are going to make introductory videos on.
  3. Thirdly, our whole team was busy in Edhi Fund collection along with working on this project.

Plans for the next two weeks

In the coming two weeks, we will be drafting and collecting the information we have to incorporate in our videos. We will also be looking for the techniques by which we can make our videos more appealing and engaging.

Lastly want to conclude with a short note;

‘‘Unity is strength when there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved easily.’’