Mega Project Second Blog

Ahmad Suffyian
5 min readOct 13, 2020

Progress On Mega Project

Planning and Organising :
After we decided that we are going to provide necessary and required information to intermediate students for selecting and opting for a suitable career. The very next step was planning the whole process and organizing the key resources so we could achieve our task effectively and efficiently.

We held a meeting asap and broke down the whole project into smaller units of tasks. To efficiently organizing the task we allocated duties to each circle member according to their set of skills.

Screenshot of Zoom Meeting

After statistical analysis and long debates, our whole project was arranged in the following way:-

  • Overall Purpose includes
    Gathering Information
    * Analysing
    * Coordination and Collaborating
    * Social Media and Promotion
    * Youtube Channel
    * Working on Sustainability
  • Specific Purpose includes
    * Processing Gathered Information
    * Making a Presentation
    * Recording a Video
    * Editing and Uploading.

Work In Progress

Till now we have completed around 90% of the work of our project. The work completed is described in the following points.

  • Name of the Project ( Rahber: The Student Counsellor)
    Selecting a suitable name for the project was a task in itself. Each circle member was equally involved in this activity and by consensus, we decided to name our project Rahber: The Student Counsellor.
  • Logo designing
    Logo designing was delegated to Ahmad Suffyian. I designed many logos out of which one was chosen by all members. Aleem Qasim a circle member also voluntarily designed a logo for the project
A set of logos for our project.
Finalized Logo for our project
  • Recording The Video
    According to our plan, each circle member is required to record a video on the information he or she gathers about his or her particular field. Till now everyone has made the presentation and some of us has also recorded the video and is in process of editing and uploading it on our youtube channel
  • Social Media and Promotion
    Ahmad Younus has created a social media account and page, He is handling social media and promotions with the help of Sidra Tul Muntaha, Ghurniq Zahra, Usman Khan, and Tuba Jabeen. We will be taking queries and student feedback using this Facebook account. We will be promoting our videos uploaded on the youtube channel using our Facebook account once we reach the required number of subscribers we will promote our channel by using different advertisement schemes. Following is the link to our social media page.
  • Youtube Channel
    Ahmad Younus has created this channel. This is the actual medium for our project. We will be creating presentations and then recording video on them. For uploading and reaching out to the masses we will be using youtube as our primary medium. To promote this channel we will be using social media and other advertisement campaigns as described in the aforementioned heading.
    Following is the link to our youtube channel.


We decided wisely and the whole circle was on the same page from the very beginning and while r opting to take one topic out of many for our megaproject we considered each and everything which can hinder the project. For deciding the mega-project we accounted for the following aspects
* Situation due to COVID-19
* Funding / Donations constraint
* Time Limitation

But for all businesses, projects, and ventures challenges are inevitable. We also faced challenges some of them are
* Managing zoom meetings on weekdays ( Busy Schedules)
* After Edhi fund collection activity, left with limited time
* Difficulty in gathering Information about different universities not having an updated website.
* Active Promotion requires funding and technical people who understand the procedures.
* A lot of time spent on making the professional presentation, we were not familiar with making a presentation before
* Recording a video, editing, and uploading requires technical skill to do so, we first learned it on our own.

Changes In Approach

We were very clear from the first day that what we are planning to do and how we are going to execute our plan. Except for a few minor changes, there is no such change that we have made till now.
Minor changes include using different software for recording a video, changes in one or two content headings of the presentations to be made.

Impact On Audience

We are done with our preliminary activities, now we are in the last phase of completion. There is no such direct or tangible impact that we have made until now on the audience.

The proposed impact of the project is following
* Our videos will provide guidance and counseling to new aspirants exploring different fields.
* Our videos will provide comparative information to students
* Our videos will save time and effort of students
* Free counseling will eventually save money of the students
* Ultimately students can have a better idea and knowledge of different fields which will lead to better decision making.

We will help new aspirants in making better decisions.


To get updated information regarding the university’s eligibility criteria and fee structure we have contacted many of our friends. When we communicated our mission and vision with them a lot of them liked the idea and they voluntarily get into the project. Till now we have more than 10 people who have provided us with the information. They also have ensured that they will provide us with information and any form of help whenever we are in need.


It is one of the most important and core part of any project or business venture. The whole project after execution depends on this single pillar. Stronger the sustainability plan stronger will be the chances of success and the project will enjoy high chances of ongoing concern.

For our project, we have a full-proof plan for sustainability. Highlights of the plan are following

* Adding more and more information
* Reviewing and updating, uploaded data
* Introducing whole new segments
* Once we reach a set number of subscribers we will be starting interviewing senior students, teachers to give a better understanding of the field to students
* Interviews of professionals of the field to give an insight to potential student

Screenshot of the meeting (Discussion on sustainability )