Positive Reflection

Most Important Learning

Choosing one is a difficult process when you have learned a lot from a journey but the thing which I got to learn from Amal interactions was the most basic thing which everyone should know in earlier stages of his or her life and that is JUST DO IT.

(Keep calm and just do it)


On a candid note, these three words are actually more magical than the so-called magical words. These words actually change the whole thinking process of the person. Just do it, it’s actually a kind of a mindset which differentiate a person from being a doer or procrastinator. A set of beliefs of a person to act and behave in a particular manner when he or she meets a particular situation.

Impact Of The Learning

We usually waste our time by over planning and less execution. This is the most common type of issue which everyone has to deal with irrespective of the nature of work they do. Everyone does go through the planning process but usually, we got stuck there and the only way out is by thinking with a mindset of Just Do It.

Now Or Never

Thank You

Taking this as an opportunity I would like to say thanks to team Amal. Special Thanks to Mr. Hamza (PA) and Ms. Nimra (PM) for your continuous support. Both of you have been the most integral part of this careership program. I hope to inspire others as both of you have inspired us.



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