Spoonful Of Humanity

Ahmad Suffyian
4 min readAug 14, 2020

“The saddest thing is to see people suffer from hunger and poverty in a world of plenty”

What if this food was not wasted ( How many people could’ve eaten this)

Hunger Issue in Pakistan

Hunger is a condition in which a person, for a sustained period, is unable to eat sufficient food to meet basic nutritional needs. This is one of the biggest issues that Pakistan is facing right now.
Pakistan: Food Assistance Fact Sheet — August 11, 2017, prepared by USAID
Says that malnutrition is prevalent in Pakistan and causes excess disease and deaths among children. According to the UN, 45 percent of Pakistani children under 5 are stunted, 32 percent are underweight and 15 percent suffer from acute malnutrition.
In its entirety, this issue has not yet dealt by the Government of Pakistan. Many private organizations are working on this issue but the number of people affected by this issue is so big that it cannot be dealt by numerous numbers organizations. To resolve this issue, it requires a collective effort.

Why I want to work for this specific issue

A few years back I started reading Holy Quran with Urdu translation. I always wanted to understand what is written in this Holy book rather than just reading it like everyone else as if it is an obligation to read it. I started from the 30th chapter and there were countless times when Allah said that “ Have you seen the one who denies the recompense. For that is the one who drives away the orphan and does not encourage the feeding of poor’’.

So after having an understanding of what Allah wants us to do, that is to improve the imbalance, and to prevail kindness, I got an urge to do something for those who were not having a single meal in a whole day. One of my friends started this small organization as a project of their university. They were less in number so he wanted to increase the numbers of volunteers. He called me and said we have this cause and we are working on it do you want to join us. I was free at that time so I joined their team.

The biggest reason for solving this particular problem is when we distributed food to those who were in hunger that unconditional smile that they gave to us while getting those meal boxes made me determined to do something on this issue prevailing in our society.

Happy, because they will sleep today with their tummy full

How Can We Address That Issue

I have already worked on this issue, so I have a good understanding of how to make a start on this particular issue.

The First step to start is by raising funds just to buy plates and boxes in which we are going to pack our food.

Then we will be going to university(if opens) or a restaurant which has a buffet system. We will be asking people or students that we encourage you to donate from your plate a single spoon or as many as you wanted to donate or you can even buy as a plate but the whole idea is to get a portion of food which is unused and is clean when it reaches us. Then we will be giving them a small thank you card or simply we will take their signature on our flex banner token of appreciation.

Once we have all the clean food collected then we will be giving this food to families whom we know cannot afford a meal. If we are doing this activity on weekends we will be asking our donors who had helped us with money in getting basic essential items to perform this activity that they should come and distribute the food collected with us so they will know that we are actually doing for what they had donated for.

A glimpse of how we are going to collect food and how we are going to connect/encourage donors
It’s a big task so to keep motivate ourselves we will remember this quote

Our main focus is to give food to people who can’t afford but once we will reach a level where we will have plenty of funds we will be giving women and children suffering from malnutrition essential vitamin tablets containing (Vitamin B complex, zinc, folic acid, and many other essential vitamins)to improve their physical and mental health