Start Back 😊

Ahmad Suffyian
3 min readOct 15, 2020

There are a lot of things which remind me of Amal. The impact this career-ship program has created is so big that in every situation while writing a formal or informal letter or doing some work using the Pomodoro technique reminds me of Amal. Amal has become a part of my life and I think other fellows feel the same.


The picture I’m going to post reminds me of the very first days with amal when the career-ship program was just started. This handcraft is always present on my study table not only it reminds me of amal but the beautiful idea behind these principles

Five Core Amal Values

Overall Experience

Writing the whole experience with the Amal program isn’t easy, because it is a kind of emotional feeling which can be felt but no words can do justice while describing it.

At the start, I felt this program is not for me because things we were being told were so basic that I was like I know these things already. When I started this fellow-ship I felt this isn’t for me because my field is straight and Amal takes extra care of things which don’t even matter.

After a few sessions and completing PW's, I felt a change, not in the physical world around, but the change of mind and thoughts. I still remember that video of Elizabeth Gilbert in which she talks about job, hobby, career, and vocation. This video really changed my mind about differentiating between Job and career.

Then the Edhi fund collection activity helped me knowing that we can achieve whatever we want to we just need to believe in ourselves and must-have companions who support us in our cause. It also helped me understand the concept of under/overstating the capabilities of oneself or group is a disease which limits him or her in doing effectively.

Being a leader of my circle for the megaproject is one of the most amazing learning activity for me. It helps me in developing skills to manage and lead the group. Secondly, I came to know about the practical difference between a leader and a manager. The leader leads from the front while the manager just follows guidelines, the leader wins the support to bring in effectiveness to activities while the manager just works within the framework.
Being a leader of the circle the most important thing which I have developed in myself is patience. Leading or managing requires the following

  • Patience
  • Delegation of authority
  • Acceptance
  • Understanding not everyone is committed to the cause with same passion
  • Maintaining an affective relationship

Even when you know members are making lame excuses you just need to keep your calm and make them involve when their interest is low in the task just to increase their interest rather than being rash with them.

There are uncountable skills and lessons which I have learned from this journey. Now when it’s ending I wish this will not come to an absolute end and the process of learning keeps ongoing (Being a lifelong learner) another beautiful concept learned from Amal.