Taking Flight

Ahmad Suffyian
5 min readOct 23, 2020

The Last Session

The last session was totally different from the other sessions we have had during this fellowship. This session was full of a mixture of all emotions we experienced during the whole journey.
Being happy while playing dumb charades or while having a sudden break of 5 minutes (in which singers come out from nowhere), being emotional while hearing a struggling story of a fellow, being sad when something unusual happens with any fellow.
The same goes in this last session in which we were happy because we have completed this program successfully, we were emotional because we were at an urge to say farewell to those with whom we are now in love, and sad because there will be no weekend session after this.

All the activities in the last session were amazing as the one word for themselves. Never thought of describing myself in one word it was always to describe the other person in one word or in a line but who we are in one word was something unusual. Listening to other fellows how they described themselves in one word was incredible

Secondly, I forgot the name of the activity in which we need to resolve the riddles and then have to click a selfie with the answer to the riddle. I Will never forget how Mam Nimra was challenging us at the start. and her team members sent pictures to the wrong Fahad hahaha. This activity was the best ever and the reason why I liked this activity the most is the picture gallery we have is just because of that activity otherwise no one was going to click selfies with such weird objects. like who would ever be willing to take pictures with objects like Onion, razor, ac, knife, towel, mosquito spray, tv remote and etc.

The best part is everyone has those pictures synced in their google photos and can see even after years that how much fun do we had on that last day.

One weird selfie

I wanted to recite these lines but I forgot so taking it as an opportunity I would like to write those lines here

Farewell, my friends! farewell, my foes!
My peace with these, my love with those.

Talk and Connect

It’s an amazing concept just talk and connect the last session was entirely different in this sense that somehow we made some new bond with each other which seems to be unbreakable. We were so emotionally connected I mentioned it in the session also that no one was leaving the session we said farewell but no one was leaving everyone was like this should not end.

Keep In Touch

These are the lines we hear often on many farewells that we are going to reunite on regular intervals or we will keep in touch but CIRCLE 05 actually take it very seriously. We were so busy doing the mega project and other activities that we never came to know each other on a personal level our relationship was very professional and to the point. To make this relation of circle members stronger we decided to hold a meeting on Tuesday right after the session.

The sole purpose of the meeting was to get to know each other about what we do, what our families do, and where do exactly we live in. In google meetup unfortunately we were enjoying our time together so much and talking to each other that no one took the opportunity to take a screenshot. However, our google meet started at 9:30 pm and ended at 12:00 am.

So to keep in touch not only with the circle but with everyone in our batch the first and most useful medium is our WhatsApp group named Batch160. Today we again held a meetup, it was an amazing one everyone enjoyed each other's company.

Impacts Of Learnings In Future

If I say what I learned there at Amal in such a small time span it wouldn’t be an exaggeration. So many things not only related to applying for a job or preparing one's self for an interview but things like how to manage yourself, how to manage time, and especially how to manage your thinking.

I am never going to forget that small but most impactful clip of a movie shown to us, In which they showed that a man has a superpower to relive a day which he has already lived. When living the second time he felt more relaxed and happy because he knows that in the end, everything is going to be good. We also rush in life have to take so many decisions and have to deal with many circumstances but what matters the most is how I am going to react to that particular situation.

One more thing which will last with me forever is that lesson of praising everyone I felt this change even during the fellowship those who have put their effort in the work irrespective o the results we should praise their effort.
Treating everyone with equality and love

In the last, I would like to praise the efforts of Sir Hamza for making that Punjabi farewell card in the last of that album of our batch and, for giving us those amazing remarks.