Thank You Syed Ali Oraze aka Ali Bhai

Ahmad Suffyian
4 min readJul 31, 2020
This smile describes him best

First Interaction

It was May, 2016 the time was 8:00 Am in the morning when my hostel room door knocked. I inquired who’s there and a man answered me in a mature voice this is Ali . I opened my door and looked at the person i didn’t recognized before i asked him about his introduction hostel warden came and he said this is your new roommate, i was shocked and in my heart i said ( yeh Buddha baba ). Then Ali bhai asked me if you’re comfortable i will move in today and i was like okay, what else i can do.

As Roommate

I chose the right side of the room and he was okay with left, we didn’t talk, we were just sitting and there was an awkward silence. Then i asked are you still studying, Ali bhai laughed and said no i am working at a call center.Then he asked me what are you doing and i said i am preparing my medical entrance test(MCAT). Days passed and he became my friend although we have an age difference of 24 years. We usually talk about his little daughters and about how was his life in London

I Changed MY Room

When i decided to start CA i changed my room and shifted to the room where CA students were living it was a room of 4 and all the other 3 were doing CA. Ali bhai tried his level best to convince me that i should not change the room as it will be difficult for both of us to adjust. As i don’t know these people much in my new room and the person who will join Ali bhai may be someone with whom Ali bhai may not adjust.

His Encouragement and life lessons

When i moved to another room he became friend with all four of us. We had a great bonding and as time passed we felt like we are a family.

Ali Bhai was the eldest among us so he usually counsel us on many matters. I still remember in November, 2017 all of us in my room failed in one or more subjects, everyone was shattered and the environment of the room was bit sad. Ali Bhai entered the room and he was like (kon Mar gaya) what happened we told him that we passed two subjects but everyone has failed in one or more subjects, he said Okay! but why are you guys sad now, because you cannot change what has happened all you can do is get up and prepare for your next attempt so next result would be different from this one. Then he arranged a party for us as we were sad, he said we must enjoy for the papers you guys passed rather than being sad for one paper in which you guys failed.

There are so many things i can remember that he told me about life at that time i disagrees that this is not gonna happen but as time passed many of them are becoming true.

Go Meet Your Friends And Loved Ones

In November , 2018 i moved in a separate flat,i was very busy as my father also moved to Lahore. My father and elder brother started a business of pharmaceutical in Lahore, i moved in a flat with them. Ali Bhai called me and he wanted to meet me as it was a month we haven’t met but i was busy so i excused to him. However we were talking to each other on phone like once in a week. In December,2018 on Saturday we talked and we decided to meet at our old place (Model Town C Block, Food Point )where we usually go when we were living in the same hostel on Next Saturday.

On Next Friday Morning when i wake up i received a message from a mutual friend that Ali Bhai died Last night and he told me that he was hospitalized for two days. I didn’t believed him because i thought Ali Bhai must be doing some prank and he said Khizaar to send me such text. I called on his number no response. Then i called his cousin and he confirmed this terrific news that yes he’s gone. I was shattered, it was unbelievable for me. I remember this was the last time when i cried.

What i have learnt is that our journey together is so short. Let us cherish friends and family .Let us be respectful, kind and forgiving to each other. Let us be filled with gratitude and gladness for having such amazing people around us.

I didn’t get a chance to say thank you to my friend. All i can do for him is to pray for him that may Allah almighty bless my friend with his utmost mercy

Rest in peace my friend

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