The Kindness

Ahmad Suffyian
2 min readJul 24, 2020



We often hear a word kindness and it has different meaning in varying situations. When we google kindness it is referred as generosity or having a friendly behaviour or being courteous to other people. However kindness is more than just a word it’s an idea of a whole new world which is very different from a world we are living in.

World Of Kindness

It is a conceptual world where everybody is considered as human being. A world where differentiation is not based on being rich or poor or having a high class or a low class or being privilege or unprivileged. A world where men are no superior to women. Where everybody shares same rights either men or women, black or white, and people belonging to any religion.It’s a world which is exactly opposite to the one we are living in. Here water finds thirsty, food finds hungry, happiness finds people in sorrow, justice finds court. Here people who are oppressed and abused seek shelter, who are ill-treated finds comfort . It’s a world which is not familiar with hoarding, lust, refusal, misfortune.

Small Acts of Kindness Makes this World A Better Place

Our life is very short here on this planet, and this planet is very small for hatred,hostility, and wrath. So we should spread Kindness , kindness is like a tree having multiple branches spreading from one corner of the earth to the other and its branches are love, affection and care. If everyone starts doing small acts of kindness then the whole world would be a different place to live in

What Are acts of kindness

Every small act we do to make someone comfortable is an act of kindness. Giving, food to hungry, water to thirsty, medicine to ill, comfort to ill-treated, love response to hatred, justice to oppressed one these and all other acts making people happy are acts of kindness and we should always try to find people who are in need and we should help them so our limited time on this planet will be utilized in a way that it will help us to find all the comfort and kindness of God in the world hereafter

A man giving his on footwear to a poor person in need (Ultimate example of kindness)
A woman helping people who are deprived of basic human rights